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Are you looking for ways to walk with extra money in your pockets? Prediction games can be your way—playing is effortless, the risk is minimal, and the aim is achievable. These games allow you to earn extra income through your instincts and luck.  Well, choosing the best prediction game from the infinite options can be overwhelming for you. Don’t worry; we are here to help you cut down the slack. In the article below, we have listed the top 5 color prediction games, and you can choose your favorite platform and fill your pockets with additional money.

How Does a Colour Prediction Game Work?

Color prediction games are fun and a source of entertainment for various gamblers. They provide an effortless way to earn additional money. You have a choice of multiple colours, such as red, purple, and green. You just need to predict the one color coming out of them. Well, the games work entirely on random algorithms. No one can influence the real result, so hacks and cheats do not apply to the game. Hence, the winning amount will depend completely upon your chance and luck; how much money you bet, and how many people have wagered. All these factors help the platform determine your winning amount. This is how the colour prediction games work.

Best Colours Prediction Games

If you have decided to play colour prediction games, then here are the top 5 games of the year. These games can potentially help you earn a huge sum of money, and their navigation feature is too easy to understand and use. These apps are reliable and offer exciting bonuses to every user. Moreover, games available on the platforms are also attractive in terms of gameplays and theme. Let’s check the list of colour prediction game earn money.

1. Daman Game


Daman Game is one of the best colour prediction games available in India. It offers easy gameplay and stimulating bonuses to every bettor. Over the past ten years, the game has gained a lot of popularity, has one lakh+ active users in India, and has been trusted worldwide. The platform is loaded with thousands plus games to align the interests of its users. Moreover, their fair and secure gameplay is the game’s best aspect. They provide quick payments, and their customer support is responsive round the clock. Here are some of its technical specialties, pros and cons:

Daman Games Sign-up Bonus ₹100
Daman Games Refer and Earn ₹150
Apk Version 1.3.1 [Latest Version]
Apk Size 5.3 MB
Category Real-money earning


  • Allows real time betting
  • Offers exciting bonuses and rewards
  • The live betting sessions are also available
  • Comes with thousands of gaming options
  • Colour prediction games are intriguing
  • Secure and reliable payment gateways
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Offers a refer and earn program


  • Requires a bit of space on your device for smooth play.

2. Tc Lottery

A widely known game across the world and in India. It offers exciting rewards and bonuses to every bettor so that bettors can enjoy the game to the fullest. Its fun games are the primary source of entertainment for its users as they involve real cash prizes and rewards. With over 1 lakh users on the platform, you can also enjoy these games by simply downloading, registering, and logging in. Moreover, it has quick transaction ways and secure payment gateways. Let’s check all its technicalities, pros and cons.

Available Games Wingo, TRX Hash, K3 Lotre, Aviator, and many more
APK Size 5 MB
APK Version 1.2 [Latest Version]
Sign Up Bonus 10 Rupees
Device requirement 5.0 Android version and free space of up to 1 GB

Tc Lottery Pros

  • Does not require any investment
  • No withdrawal fee is applicable
  • Offers 6 level bonus to every better
  • Offers gold promotions to every user every two months
  • Different types of bonuses are available
  • Offers 24×7 Customer Support

TC Lottery Cons

  • Sign up bonus is much less
  • Gaming sessions are addictive

3. 91Club

91 Club is another fascinating betting and prediction gaming platform that offers huge rewards and bonuses. It has a decent number of users worldwide, including in India. It has a huge gaming library and secured transaction options. You can also participate in other games like daily quizzes, casino games, and other challenging games. Moreover, the platform also has an in built social media aspect, where you can connect with your friends and chat while playing the game.

Minimum Recharge Rs. 100
Category Earn Money
Minimum Withdrawal Rs.110
Sign up rewards Rs.50
Games Offered Colour Prediction, Quiz Challenge
Downloads 5 Lakh +


  • Huge gaming library
  • Exciting rewards and bonuses
  • Enables social integration feature
  • Easily navigable user interface
  • Secured transactions
  • Easy way to earn money without compromising entertainment


  • Sign up bonus is low
  • Gameplay is addictive

4. V Club

V Club is another earning platform through which you can earn money by predicting. It has different options for playing color prediction games. On this platform, you will get 121 as a bonus; using this amount, you can start betting and earn your amount. The minimum deposit is 200 INR. You can simply add your account details and start withdrawing your amount from the platform.

Welcome bonus 121 INR
APK Version Latest Version 2.0.1
Required Android Android 4.0+
Developer HaamThelord
Minimum Deposit 100 INR


  • Offers higher profit on even easy predictions
  • Offers a referral program.
  • A sign up bonus is also available of 121 INR.
  • The withdrawal limit is also low and affordable
  • The minimum investment amount is just 10 INR.


  • The app is not available on the Play Store
  • Gaming sessions are addictive
  • Winning depends on your luck.
  • Some users face withdrawal problems.

5. Cooe

Cooe has such a huge library of games, sports, and color prediction games. You can also try your luck on the app by simply downloading the platform and completing registration. Its easy navigable feature allows every bettor to use the platform to its fullest. The app is compatible with every device and is even available on the Google Play Store. Let’s check its other specifications, pros and cons

Games available
  • Win Go
  • Soccer Go
  • Mario Kart Tour
  • AB Fun
  • Apocalypse
  • Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
  • Harry Potter: Wizard Unite
  • State of Survival: Survive the Zombie
  • BTS World
  • Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena
Device Compatibility Android & iOS
Referral income 45 to 20% of deposit
Welcome Bonus Up to 100%
Minimum Deposit 100 INR


  • Easy and free to download
  • Easy navigable features
  • Interesting gaming sessions
  • Offers various ways for money creation
  • The best platform for revenue generation effortlessly
  • Quick transactions and withdrawals are available
  • The interface is interesting and well-defined


  • Gameplay can be addictive
  • Refer and earn programs can be difficult for some users to understand.

How To Play Games That Predict Colours In India?

Betting with top-notch colour prediction game tricks can help you to earn extra money through the platform. Before this, you must understand how to play the predicting games, as winnings are primarily based on your luck and predictions. If your prediction comes true, then you will be declared as the winner. If not, then, of course, you will have to face some monetary risks and challenges. Let’s check the steps to play color-predicting games.

  1. Download The best colour-predicting games, such as Daman games.
  2. Complete the Daman game download, register, and log in.
  3. After doing so, you must click on the game.
  4. Here, you will be required to choose or predict colour of the circle that is veiled.
  5. You will have five options. If your prediction comes true, you will get your winning amount credited to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Is the color prediction game real or fake?

The prediction games are real; if you are using a reliable platform to play these games, then these games are real. Well, the top 5 platforms you can use to play the prediction games are Daman Game, Cooe, TC Lottery, V Club, and 91 Club. You can try your luck on any one of these games.

Q2. Is the colour prediction game legal in India?

Yes, colour prediction games are legal in India, as they are online betting. India has no laws against online betting platforms, which means online betting is legal in India. Well, the platforms have been trusted by millions of users across the world for their intuitive gameplay sessions.

Q3. What is the color prediction game theory?

The colour prediction games run on an algorithm of chance and randomness. This helps the gaming platform be fair and transparent. Well, prediction games are a sort of gambling; hence, the games are more available on gambling platforms.

Q4. How do you make money in colour prediction game?

Making money using color prediction games is easy. You just need to trust your instincts and guess the right color veiled. If you guess right, you will win the money, but if your guess is wrong, you will lose the money.


Colour prediction gaming sessions are fun and rewarding. Various Indian bettors want to get in the shade of the colour prediction games, as they are easy to play and an effortless way to make millions in just a month. If you trust your instincts and intuitions, you must play these games as they can make you money and align your entertainment. In the above article, we have given you the top 5 choices for the best color prediction gaming platforms; choose anyone of your interest and start your betting and prediction gaming journey today.

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